Winchester Music Studios
Violin, Viola, Cello, Electric Violin and Viola
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1531 South Loudoun Street
Winchester, VA 22601
Instrument special -- violin and viola - free rental for three months when starting lessons.
Homeschool discounts!​
Winchester, Virginia 
By appointment only:  Call (540) 323 0560

Ages 3 and up.
Now enrolling

Outstanding Violin instruction in the Shenandoah Valley:
1.  The only instructor in the area trained and certified by the Suzuki Association of the Americas​ in all 10 books.  Knowledge of what comes ahead in the advanced stages, no need to find a different instructor.
2.  Extensive performing experience in Symphonies, Opera Orchestras, ​Recording Studio, solo and string quartet performances.  Vast knowledge of the repertoire.
3.  Unmatched education credentials:  in addition to the Suzuki training, 5 college degrees:  AA, two Bachelors degrees in Violin and Viola, Master in Performance, DMA - ABD, plus a diploma from the North Carolina School of the Arts.​
4.  Instruments available for rental or purchase, beginner to professional quality.  No hassle to get started.
5.  Best studio in the area, free recording library​, homeschool discounts.
6.  Waiting room desk, toys, and bathroom for siblings/family.​
Homeschool lesson discounts now   available
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